Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rakhine man brutally murdered in Kyauk taw
by Shwe Gyaw
Yangon, 12 September—U Kyaw Maung Chay (age 62) from Thayet Oak Village, kyauk taw Township, was killed by suspected villagers from Paikthe Bengali Village on his return from Kyauk Taw to his village yesterday evening, according to an administrative source. The victim reportedly came back from Kyauk Taw to his village, one and a half mile from Kyauk Taw, after collecting the money transferred by his son working in Malaysia when he was brutally murdered. His sons in the village found out that their father went missing and went out to search for their father at about 9 pm local time last night. They found their father’s personal belongings—slippers, the umbrella and a pool of blood halfway to Kyuaktaw. They went back to the village to inform the villagers from their village. Afterwards, they came back to the place to look for the body. The body of the victim was found near Paik The Bengali Village about 300 feet from the place where his personal belongings were found. He died from deep sword cuts on his throat and occipital bone.Groups of Bengali Villagers from Paikthe villages have been harassing and threatening Rakhine villagers on their way back to their villages for several months, according to a leader of a social association in Kyaw Taw. This incident of brutal killing broke out when members of the Commission for Investigation of the Conflict in Rakhine State were on a visit to Rakhine State. People in Rakhine State were increasingly worried about their helpless situation on their own land.

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